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Finding an artist, is a long, complex, and sometimes frustrating process. We simplify that process and do all the heavy lifting for you. Give it a try here!

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Sometimes you have an idea in mind but don’t know exactly what it should look like. Well, come Get Inspired. Search for ideas based on location, subject, style, and more!

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Our Mission and Goals

  1. Goal 1: To help spread the beauty of tattoo art and reduce the stigma around tattoos and the tattoo industry.
  2. Goal 2: To allow tattoo artists to expand their following, find interested customers, save time and money, and more.
  3. Goal 3: To create a more welcoming, comfortable, memorable and safe tattoo experience for all.
  4. Goal 4: To help you get a tattoo you will never regret.

Testimonials from Artists

Chris Rodgers

“This is such a great idea. To focus on styles is exactly what needs more attention. I'm definitely down to be a...
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This looks amazing! Im looking forward to this! You guys did a great job!" - @tattoosbyale_
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“Awesome! Glad you're getting into the industry in a helpful way.”  - @bonytony666
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Testimonials from Customers


"The artist you referred me to was really cool and could have a laugh with during the session. Definitely a...
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Jonny garza

"The service you guys provide made the overall finding of an artist really easy and exactly what I wanted." + "it...
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"I completely relied on them for getting myself a great tattoo artist and the best part is they made sure...
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