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    While uncommon, this can be resolved easily.First, contact the artist via our chat window and see if you can reschedule the appointment. If the artist cannot reschedule or you have trouble contacting them, send our support staff an email at contact@tatyou.co and we will make things right for you!

    Responses can take up to 14 days as many artists receive 100+ messages every day. If it has been over 14, please send our support staff a message at contact@tatyou.co and we will work to provide you with an update.

    Click the three lines in the top right of the website. Visit your dashboard and edit pages as needed.

    TatYou helps you find more clients that love your specific styles and preferences. Instead of wasting your time sorting through hundreds of DMs of requesting for tattoos you may not want to do, TatYou brings you only what you want with by showing your profile to compatible users. Here, you will only get results that fit your style and needs best.

    TatYou verifies an artist's application to confirm that they are certified and are safe for clients!

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    No, TatYou will not charge the artist for its service. There is a service fee charged to the client that will not impact the artist's charge.

    As long as the client has paid the requested invoice before the appointment date, the artist will always recieve their deposit. Please email us the appointment's booking number at contact@tatyou.co.

    TatYou helps a client through the entire tattoo process. If you don't quite know exactly what tattoo you are lookign for, visit our Get Inspired section where you can browse recent tattoos and search for topics. After deciding on a rough concept, clients can proceed to the Find an Artist section, where TatYou uses its algorithm to match you to an artist who is both compatible for your tattoo style as well as personal preferences. After being matched with an artist, you can chat with them about the design, set an appointment, and even pay the invoice online. All that's left after that is to get tatted!

    Through our relationships and discussions with many tattoo artists, we have narrowed down the questions found most important when a client approaches them for a tattoo. We also talked to clients like yourself to find out what made their experience better or worse. Using these questions and answers we built an algorithm that factors in personal preference and artist strengths to compile a list of artists we believe will provide you the best tattoo and experience!

    Visit profile settings in your account dashboard. To do this, click the three lines in the top right corner and go to your dashboard.

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