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How to Get a Great Tattoo: The Step by Step

Welcome to TatYou. We wanted to welcome you to the brand new website and provide an in-depth guide of the tattooing process for all you to truly enjoy your experience. Whether you are a first timer who is trying to learn the ropes, or a seasoned customer who wants to explore new options, TatYou is ready to bring you one step closer to your perfect tattoo! Continue scrolling to learn more about the traditional tattooing process and the efficient solutions TatYou can offer.

The Traditional Tattoo Process

The traditional tattoo process consists of many different steps, depending on how/who you get the tattoo from. Sometimes, it's as easy as walking into a shop. But nowadays, especially with the diligent COVID precautions that artists take, an appointment is usually preferred. Especially with larger pieces, tattoos can take multiple appointments, and the process might become more detailed than you anticipated. Here are some of the main steps you should take under consideration: 

Step 1: What do you want to get tattooed?

As obvious as it may seem, finding the right tattoo idea is as vital as wanting to get a tattoo. You can start from scratch - get inspired by Instagram, Google Images, Pinterest, or celebrities, and find a design that speaks to you. Or you may already have a very specific idea, like a handwritten text, a personalized memory or a realistic family photo. However, your idea can be executed in many different styles, colors, and techniques, and it is important that you find the best way to reflect your idea. This is where the creative and talented artists step in - but how do you find the perfect artist?

The TatYou Way: Not too sure what type of tattoo you want or want to Get Inspired? No worries! 

We combined all your favourite images onto one page so you don’t have to spend hours combing through different websites and platforms. Browsing through our Get Inspired page, you can find hundreds of tattoos that you can search from based on category, location, and style.

Step 2: Find the right artist

Traditionally, choosing the right shop and artist takes time, and we would suggest taking some time to research their portfolios through their website or Instagram to make sure that they can work with your idea. While some artists work collectively in bigger shops, others might have smaller and more independent shops, so you might find that every artist has a different platform. In addition, location and accessibility will be a big factor: the one artist you found can be perfect for your idea, but they might be difficult to reach if they are across the country, which can lead you back to point blank after hours and hours of searching.

The TatYou Way: When you find something you like from our Get Inspired page, you can explore the artist’s profile with the click of a button, where you will see all of their information, such as pricing, availability, styles, location, contact information and a rating. So, all the information you want will be on the same page, and available to you freely. Alternatively, if you already have a design in mind, head over to our Find an Artist survey. Here, you fill out a few short questions and we automatically match you with artists who fit your needs best based on style, price, availability, and more. 

Step 3: Contact the Artist

With today’s technology, you can contact your artist in many different ways, like calling, emailing, texting or direct messaging through social media. Once you figure out their preferred method of communication, you can send over your ideas and availability. 

The TatYou Way: Once you find your perfect artist, you can contact them through their profile. This will allow you to fill in a form with the size, location on your body, skin type, and more for with your design. Once the artist approves your request, you can talk more with them through our built-in chat feature. 

Step 4: Waiting… and waiting..

Keep in mind, artists are usually pretty busy. If after a week they don't respond, don't freak out! Lots of artists check their emails from oldest to newest, so don't keep spamming! You'll end up losing your spot because your email will show up in the most recent one sent! Stay patient, it is always worth the wait and the excitement will build up for an amazing end experience.

The TatYou Way: Since TatYou automatically connects you with your perfect artist, you won’t have to stress over missed emails, busy schedules or awkward phone calls, we will simply send you a notification when your artist gets back to you!

Step 5: Getting the Consultation

Once your artist has responded, and you have set a time, you can go into the tattoo shop. Similar to the other steps in the process, consultations differ from artist to artist. They can be over email, text, DM's, or even in-person at the shop. You should be prepared with the type, style, color, and any other aspects you want for your tattoo. They will likely sketch something up for you as well. In some cases, be prepared to put down a deposit for the tattoo as well!

The TatYou Way: After you contact the artist, you will be able to do your consultation easily, online, through our chat, without having to travel far distances just for a quick meeting. After the consultation, you can also lock in your date and time with the artist's availability and pay your initial deposit. So, all you need to do next is show up and get tatted!

Step 6: Time to get tatted!

Finally, your time has come! You and your artist are ready to start inking. Remember to eat something before you get a tattoo. It is possible to feel nauseous if you do not have food in your stomach pre-tattoo. Also, most artists require you to refrain from drinking alcohol before you get your tattoo. Drinking alcohol thins your blood, and can cause you to bleed while the artist is giving you the tattoo. Good luck, get ready to show off your new ink, and let us know about it to be featured on our Instagram!

Getting a new tattoo is a great experience, yet it can be an intimidating process, or too time consuming to repeat every time you get inspired for a new tattoo. Luckily TatYou takes all these steps and gets them done in a snap, so you can get a faster and smoother tattooing experience. With our all-in-one convenient website, there’s nothing stopping you from getting tatted!

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