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How to get more Tattoo Clients

Whether you are a new up and coming artist or a seasoned professional, the tattoo business can be a difficult process to manage. As any other artist, tattoo artists need to find a niche clientele that is interested in their specific style and technique. However, securing that vital connection between the artist and the client is the toughest, yet a crucial part of the business. Today, many artists rely on social media or word of mouth to spread their art and connect with tattoo-lovers. Yet, this process is far from perfect, and hardly allows for the artist to reach their full potential and success. That is where we step in - so continue reading to learn more about how TatYou can help broaden your relationship with new clients in a smoother and faster way!

Traditionally, having a strong social media presence is one of the best ways to attract new potential clients. By posting high quality content in a consistent manner, you can create good engagement with your audience. The most popular platform that many tattoo artists use is Instagram, since it is highly visual, and very user-friendly. Here are some tips that can help you create a top-tier in-person and online presence for your brand:

Photo Quality:

Aesthetics are a vital part of Instagram, and also a great way to showcase your brand. As much as people are looking for your art, they are also seeking visually appealing content. In the photo-taking stage, you can focus on taking images with less busy backgrounds, so there won’t be many distractions for the viewer. To ensure that your potential clients enjoy your work to the fullest, you can focus on capturing your art in high quality ways. For iPhone users, try using the portrait mode feature of your camera to create a blurring effect on the background. This will allow the tattoo to pop out. You can also experiment with cool angles and close-ups. Don’t forget to get good lighting so your tattoo is not only visible, but also the centerpiece of your photo! 

Use Hashtags:

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on each post, which can help land you on their Explore page. This could be a huge advantage for your tattoo shop, as many people search for inspiration through this page. Make sure to have a set list of hashtags that are relevant, and descriptive, so people can easily find your posts. You can try hashtaging the tattoo style you work with, such as #minimal #realismtattoo #watercolortattoo #oldschooltattoo. Users also look for specific tattoo designs, so describing the tattoo photo you are posting can be very helpful too. For example, try #dogtattoo #portraittattoo #butterfly #cartoon etc. Also, as a #tattooartist, you can include logistical information, like your #location, or express your identity to draw clients that are looking to work with a specific tattoo artist. This is your opportunity to curate what kind of audience you want to appeal to, so hashtags can be as specific as you want them to be! However, with TatYou, you won’t have to worry about the “virality” of your content. With our carefully curated Inspiration page, users will be able to search up any kind of tattoo style and image within our registered artist database. So you won’t have to stress about what hashtag you use, and can focus on what you do the best: inking up!

Create Engagement:

Since tattooing is a very people-centered profession, your Instagram should reflect that! Potential clients always look for good reviews and referrals, so having an engaged platform is a great way to ensure that. By tagging the clients on posts and stories, you get the chances of being featured on their social media, and reach a brand new audience. You can also focus on creating interactive content, and reach out to people through direct messaging. TatYou can help you create an engaged artist profile by combining all the necessary tools in one spot. Instead of juggling between your email, website, Instagram DMs, Twitter DMs, phone calls etc. you can just check your profile to connect with customers that want to talk further about their tattoo ideas. Users can also leave a rating on your artist profile, which can help you build credibility and reliability - two really important features that potential clients seek for!

Paid Advertising:

As Instagram is connected to Facebook ad manager, you can easily utilize their services. When you switch your profile to a business account, you can link it to a Facebook page and set up an ad. You can upload whatever graphic is best and shows your work best, create a caption to bring clients in, and create a button or banner which leads clients directly to your portfolio or booking page. Our recommendation is to show off your work but also you. The tattoo process is incredibly personal and clients love to know who they will be getting tatted by. You can share where you are based, that you have openings ready right away, and then create a caption to emphasize it all! However, this can get expensive at times. For website lead ads, you will generally be charged for everytime someone clicks on an ad and goes to your website, not for every booking which could mean a lot of traffic but not as many interactions. Instead of having to take these expensive and overwhelming measures, TatYou’s services aim to create a smooth and easy way for artists to market their work to the right customers.


In addition to an online presence, you can also utilize in-person methods, like tattoo conventions. This can allow you to connect with tattoo-lovers who attend such events regularly. It can bring your shop some great traffic and attention in a less expensive way. However, this method of marketing completely excludes the massive population of people who are not already invested in the tattoo community. One of the great qualities of TatYou is that it makes the tattoo process more accessible to everyone from first-timers to experienced clients. Therefore, you will be able to open your shop to a wider audience, as your work will speak for itself!

Even after the marketing components of your shop, artists encounter the complicated and lengthy process of booking appointments. 

Luckily, TatYou is revolutionizing these steps by making it as easy as clicking a button.  We want to allow you to focus on what you do best, creating beautiful art. Not having to worry about finding clients, answering a million unrelated DMs, chasing down deposit payments, and more. 

We have worked with countless artists to create a platform where you no longer have to worry about that. On TatYou, the steps to get noticed and booked with artists who love your work are simple.

  1. Register on the platform HERE.
  2. Complete all sections of your profile, the more info you provide to your clients, the higher and quicker you will get booked
  3. That’s all! We take it from there and bring clients to your profile to book with you.

Once you get a request: It’s just as easy

  1. Accept the request if it is a project you are excited about!
  2. Message the client with any questions you have or info for them 
  3. Discuss a date you have availability 
  4. Go to your messages section and click “request payment.” At this point you also send an opening from your calendar 
  5. Receive the payment to your account and start getting ready for the appointment! 

If you are interested in learning more about TatYou’s artist platform, you can reach us through our email info@tatyou.co, shoot us a DM on our Instagram, @tatyouco, or directly sign up by going to tatyou.co/registration/

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